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Bicycle accident sends California woman to the hospital

One of the many benefits of living in Southern California is the ability riding a bicycle all year round. Bikes have minimal maintenance cost and are friendly to the environment in comparison to their motorized companions, but there is still one negative that keeps many from riding them -- danger. Every time a cyclist shares the road with a motor vehicle, they are putting themselves in harm's way. In a perfect world, every car would be vigilant of their cycling friends, but factors such as distracted, reckless and drunk driving end up causing many bicycle accidents a year.

A few weeks ago a California woman was hit by a car while she was riding her bike just outside a crosswalk. The woman suffered injuries and was taken to the hospital where her condition has yet to be released at the time of the report. Police have not yet determined a cause for the accident, although wet roads may have played a role. The vehicle did stop at the scene and was present when police arrived.

Bicycle accidents like this one have been known to sometimes cause fatal or serious injuries to the rider, especially if the rider does not have a helmet. Even when wearing a helmet or other protective gear, however, a cyclist can never fully be protected from negligent drivers. Just like cars, bicyclists have to follow the same traffic rules. When a driver fails to follow traffic rules and hits a cyclist as a result, they may be responsible for the injuries or death of the individual they hit. Factors such as texting while driving, failure to yield and negligent driving have all cost numerous cyclists to suffer injuries.

California cyclists that have had the misfortune of being hit by a negligent driver may be compensated for their injuries. Often times high medical bills, broken bones and long-term medical care can be very expensive. An experienced personal injury attorney may provide help and advice for those in need.

Source:CBS8.com, "Cyclist taken to hospital after struck by car," April 15, 2013

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